about me

My name is Thomas Nigro, I am an open source developer, Microsoft Regional Director and Opuscope co-founder.

The story so far

I bought a Windows Phone when I was 15yo. I missed the amazing music player app from the Zune HD, so I tried to create mine. Thanks to Rudy Huyn and Vanessa Arnauld, I became Microsoft Student Partner in the following months and awarded as Developer Hero by Microsoft France.Microsoft Student Partner logo

I studied at Université Paris Descartes and had a 2 years technical degree in Computer Science.

IUT Paris Descartes

As I love open-source, I became a VideoLAN board member and a VideoLabs employee. It’s been two years already and I’m the main maintainer of VLC for Windows 8.1 and 10. I also designed the VLC app on the Apple Watch.


Since 2015, I’m pleased to be awarded as Microsoft Regional Director in France.

Microsoft Regional Director logo

I cofounded Opuscope, a startup that aims to redefine means of access to culture and art. (and allows you to have a drink with Mona Lisa)


To sum up

If your VLC app is unstable on a Windows 10 laptop, desktop, phone or (hopefully soon) your XBOX One, it’s probably my fault.