A quick update about VLC for Windows (Phone) Store

I’ve been quite silent these past few weeks and that’s because I worked hard to revamp the VLC Windows Store version, which is now a universal app.


I took my time to ask myself the correct questions: the first beta version (which I personally found slow and buggy) is released, what should I do then?

Should I target Windows 8.1 only and drop Windows 8.0 support? 

– Yes, the update is free, more than half users are on running 8.1, I’m sorry for the rest of the users but it’s time to update.


Should I prioritize the work on touch interface, desktop interface?

– Both. I think the app has just to be responsive! A great design is a design that adapts itself depending on the device you’re using, while keeping the same user experience.


Should I rebuild the app from scratch, again? Or should I try to fix bugs one by one and improve the current design? 

The first possibility is the faster but also the most dangerous one. So I decided to take my time, and build a great universal app based on the work we have done so far. I cleaned the code, which is now shared between Windows Phone and Windows at a 90 percent level, and have the exact same features, except DLNA support on WP (that might change).


The XAML code is nearly the same. I worked really hard to make a design that works well on phones, phablets, tablets, laptops and desktops thanks to the upcoming windowed mode Windows Threshold is rumored to bring (I tested with Stardock Modern Mix).

Performance-wise, the app is a lot faster than before, more responsive on tablet, and I am trying to have the best responsiveness possible on low-end phones like the Lumia 520 which has a big marketshare in the WP-world.


Some geniuses are also upgrading the VLC wrapper from Direct2D to Direct3D, which will bring another bunch of performance improvements.

The Windows 8.1 version is nearly ready to ship. It should be released very soon on the Store (spoiler: not this week, I’m really busy in Seattle with the MSP Summit and Imagine Cup finals).


What about Windows Phone and Windows RT?

– Well, we still have problems with the ARM compiler, that the team needs to fix. Once this is done, we will press the ‘release’ button.


Enough talk: here are some current screenshots. Please note, these are not mockups but real code working, and that design is not finished yet. Some things here and there might change.

Microsoft Student Partner, Regional Director — VLC for Windows Store main maintainer — Opuscope co-founder


  1. Praveen

    Please submit the beta version soon to Windows phone store.. Can’t wait…
    And thanks for your effort to develop VLC for windows phone..
    Hope it will work better on Nokia Lumia 520…

  2. salman

    OMG… design is really awesome.. m amazed.

    1- we want Volume and Brightness control on screen same like moliplayer by scrolling up/down on screen.

    2- very important Screen resize (video fit to screen n so on) button on video playback screen.
    NOTE- we want this resize button always on screen not in option

    3- pinch to zoom IN/OUT

    4- keep music and video section different. dont mix up all things.

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  5. Einar

    Looks really great! I will be impressed if you can squeeze in subtitle support, audio track selector and a playback speed slider on the Windows Phone version!

  6. Karsten

    Home screen: place the « Open a video » and « Open a stream » in the app-bar, as icons or text labels in the app bar. Don’t use headers with a chevron at the end as an invitation to do a function (in this case « open »), because the header + chevron is mean to be a header, and when you tap it you get to see details.

    Use a normal typeface variety that show normal letters, and not pseudo capital letters (used in title headers).

    Looking forward to VLC on the Windows Phone :-)) =)


  7. Roshan

    Great please hurry up…just cant wait any more use it… Have been waiting for a proper media player for windows phone for some time and there is none better than vlc

  8. Matthew Leibowitz

    Yay! I too can’t wait.

    And I agree people should update, makes things easier for developers.

    I just wanted to ask, what sort of issues are you facing on ARM? As a developer, I am quite interested. Microsoft has provided the same API for all platforms, but obviously there are differences?

    1. Thomas Nigro

      The vlc lib is in c language, so low level. You have to handle memory management in a different way for example, you know.

  9. salman

    OMG… really awesome design.. very nice.. I m amazed.. great work guys..

    1- we want volume and brightness controls on screen by scrolling up and down on screen.. same like moliplayer

    2- also want video screen resize(video fit to screen n so on) button always on screen.
    not in options (or give setting to keep resize button on screen on/off)

    3- add more options n settings..

    4- hope it will support full hd movies 1080p smoothly like moliplayer.

    5- keep music and videos section separate. please dont mixup things.

    6- background and under lockscreen music playback.

    7- hope it will not take too much time for loading n resuming.

    well done guys.. hope you guys have whole feature list n user required option list..
    release it soon.

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  12. Thomas

    These Screenshots from above are fake. The way the Icons from wifi, 3G, battery and all of These are showed in landscape mode are not possible

    1. Mike B.

      Not sure what you think looks fake — the icons, etc. look perfectly appropriate *for Phone 8.1*. I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve just not upgraded, and you missed the part where VLC is going to require that you do before their app is available.

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  17. Alex

    This is fantastic, thank you for your work!

    Just one thing: Please make sure that the default subtitle fonts can display non-Latin glyphs. When the new iOS version was first released last year, it could only display Chinese/Japanese/etc. subtitles as boxes, even with the encoding set as UTF-8 or the local variants, and it stayed that way until several later updates that fixed the issue.

    The current Android beta version and Windows 8 beta version of VLC are still displaying those glyphs as boxes as well. The desktop VLC’s default fonts also don’t support non-Latin glyphs, but users can manually change them so that’s not a problem; but these modern apps don’t have the option to change the fonts, so hopefully the new Windows (Phone) 8.1 versions of VLC can support non-Latin glyphs out of the box instead of leaving the users wait for more updates (and fix the Android version too!).

  18. Tourniquet

    There are still some people who can’t upgrade to Windows 8.1 for various reasons. Can you guys at least make sure the current version is still avaible for users with Windows 8.0?

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  20. Praveen

    Please submit the beta version soon to Windows phone store.. Can’t wait…
    And thanks for your effort to develop VLC for windows phone..
    Hope it will work better on Nokia Lumia 520…

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  22. Mohamed

    First of all, i would like to thank you and the team for all your hard work to make this happen.

    Personally i just love how the UI looks. I’ve waited so long for a VLC app for windows phone. Can’t Wait, Thomas! =D
    Once Again, Thank you! 🙂

  23. Ronald Ron

    I know its not possible to tell the exact date, but can you indicate the time frame when you are going to release it? Because it is getting too hot out here 😉

  24. Kavan Patel

    Plz give approx. time for first release…we can’t wait more for this fantastic app… After this app may be windows phone platform become complete…

  25. Anna Haton

    Hey Thomas the app looks awesome and specially design was outstanding…thank you for your efforts and also for the team…
    So plz release the vlc for wp8.1 soon and I am very much looking forward to it….

  26. emansky

    this is one of the best news.. been waiting patiently on windows news sites for any news the it’s available… hands are sweaty of excitement to finally see that all time favorite logo on my Star screen on RT and WP.. Thanks man for all your work 🙂

  27. Anil

    Hey Thomas,
    Thanks a lot for the effort hopping to get the same soon, Will it support dual Subtitles ?

    Also File picker & media player integration, like in background when phone is locked by tapping the song name in the control (which appears while pressing volume button) will it open the VLC player ? As current players does not support that, they open the default media player.

    1. Thomas Nigro

      It will support subtitles.
      File picker and media control integration will be working, yes. And it should open VLC for flac files for example.

  28. Robert

    Hi Thomas! These days came out VLC update for Win8/8.1. Dose that mean that we will be able to see VLC for WP8.1 very very soon, considering that apps on win 8.1 and WP8.1 are universal?
    If beta testing for WP started, i will be glad to help.

  29. Jhomalex

    La app es buena en sí, sin embargo tiene varios bugs. Sugiero que mejoren el rendimiento y el problema con la reproducción de video, asimismo, me parece que deberían mejorar el reconocimiento de carátulas ya que no reconoce todas las carátulas de mis álbumes de música, recuerdo,que zbox tenía el mismo problema hasta hace poco pero lo lograron solucionar con una actualización.
    En fin, espero que sigan mejorando la app… Buen trabajo 🙂

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